Title:  Letter, E.D. Harding to Robert A. Knight, November 26, 1861





                                                                                            Venango Co, Pa

                                                                                                November 26, 1861



 Hon. Robert A. Knight

        US. House Rep.

                 Dear Sir.


I am induced to write to you today for the purpose of soliciting a good word from you in my

favor.  You are aware that all the Second Lieutenants in the new Regiments of Infantry are

to be selected and appointed from worthy non-commissioned officers of each Company, or

Battalion of the Regiment.  Since I have joined Maj. Stokes Third Battalion I have been sta-

tioned here on recruiting duty.  And although recruiting has been dull at all the various Stations

throughout the State,




I think this Station has done as well as the best, and much better than most of them.

    One hundred men will be sent from the different stations to Head Quarters at Columbus

Ohio about the first of next month.  There they will be formed into the first Company of

the Third Battalion, and a Second Lieutenant appointed.  I want this appointment.  Major

Stokes will make the selection and I have no doubt but his choice will be acted on

favorably.  Whoever he selects will have the appointment.

     I was the first Soldier to join the 3d Battalion, and the first to be made Sergeant.  I

have endeavored to do my duty faithfully, and efficiently and think I have done so.  As to

my habits since being in the Army, I have endeavored as near as could be to make them blame-





I say this myself, but it is the truth.  Maj. Stokes knows how I have performed my duty,

and how I have acted.  Lieut. Sutherland the officer who has the immediate command of

this recruiting district I know is favorable to me, and will report in my favor to him I can 

refer with pleasure.

     I feel a deep interest in this matter, not only for myself but for my friends, and es-

pecially for my wife and children, for it is they who will be benefited by my success.  I 

joined this regiment for the purpose of  an effort to promotion, and I have done

all in my power to obtain it by good conduct and efficiency.  I wish to stand on my own


 in this matter, and thus if I am made a commissioned officer the honor will be the





I should like you to mention the subject to [mention]2 Maj. Stokes, and I have no doubt a

word from you will have a good effect.  I have never asked such a favor from anyone

before, but I am so deeply interested in it, for myself, and thus, that you must excuse me

for making the request, and for compelling you to read so long a letter.

                          Yours very Respectfully

                                  E.D. Harding



 1.  Best guess.

 2.  The word "mention" mistakenly repeated and crossed out.