Western Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane[2]

Near Pittsburgh on P, F. W. & C. Ry.

Dixmont, Allegheny Co., Pa.


                                                                                                                        Jan 8 1870[3]

                                                                                                                           11 a. m.


My dear wife,[4]

            I have seen our poor Eliza. She is insensible[5] but far from pain and dying – She may live some hours – She has […][6] care – I baptised her – I came straight through and they stopped the train for me –

            I slept none + am much shattered from seeing her – I go now to Pittsburg[7] but will return at 4 + remain all night as I intend to see her die. I will bring Anna Sculs[8] down. Rely on me for all that is right.

            God bless you + our most dear children

                        Your affectionate husband

                                    W.A. Stokes


Send this to Father






[p. 4]


                                                                                                            Wm. A. Stokes.

                                                                                                            Jan. 8. 1870


[1] Docketed by: “1870.”

[2] Dixmont Insane Asylum <http://www.ohiotrespassers.com/dixmont.html>

[3] Date 1870 has penned 7 over  the “6”

[4] Mary Stokes

[5] Best guess

[6] Indecipherable word

[7] Best guess; presumably meant “Pittsburgh”

[8] Best guess personal name

[9] Blank

[10] Blank