To make Shrewsberry Cake

Take Half a pound of sugar a little Cinimond[1] cloves beaten very fine add a pound and a Half of flour and a pound of butter Without salt then break in three Eggs and work all well together roll it very thin and bake in an oven not too hot


                   Thou foamy Ocean’s Star

                                     Star of the wide and pathless sea.





April the 4th of 1795

Mary Lloyd [….][2] possession of the Pew No 69 South[3] St Marys Church Title[4] down stairs and pd 5 dollars to the Rev Christopher Keating





                              To make Catchup

Take the large flaps[5] of Mushrooms pick nothing but the straws[6] from it then lay them in a broad earthen pan throw a good deal of salt over them let them lie till next morning then with your hand break them, put them into a stew pan, let them boil a munuet, or two, then strain them thro’ a coarse Cloth and wring it hard take out all the juice let it stand to settle then pour it off clear run it thro’ a thick flannel bag then boil it; to a quart





Of the liquor put a quarter of an ounce of whole Ginger and half a quarter of an ounce of whole pepper.  Boil it briskly a quarter of an hour then strain it and when its cold put it into Bottles in each bottle put 9 or 10 blades of mace and 12 of cloves cook it tight and it will keep two years--  This gives the best flavor of the mushrooms to any sauce  If you put into this Catchup a pint of rum[7] or old clear strong Cyder it will taste like foreign Catchup





                    A Cure for a Burn

Take Chimney Soot and hogs lard—mixt well and anoint the part removes the pain immediately---   for a sore leg—or any running sore Apply the Snuff of a Candle—and it certainly cures in a few days





To make good Ink take of Golds[8] 2 oz dried well before a fire for 24 hours or more Gum Arabic ½ oz. Copperas ½ oz. dried wellah[9] Alum ¼ oz Sugar Candy ¼ oz a Quart of rain or river Water

                                                   Probatum est.





A receipt[10] for a sore mouth.  Rose leaves houseleek and quince seed boil them together and [….][11] it with Honey










to make Black Salve for sore Breasts or any acute pain like gathering

2 gills Barbadoes tar ½ pound ranced butter 2 gills venus treacle small piece of wax enough to make it into an soft salve

    Hew[13] it in a new mug

      Drawing Salve

½ pound white soap ½ white turpentine 1 pint Oil or pound lard 1 ounce […][14]

        Hew[15] as before

    Abigall Watsons receipt








Mary Lloyds note of the address of Mrs Mary Hart

Charring Cross to the care of Mr Marcy Baker

No140 St martins Lane


Charring Cross

Thomas Carson to the care of Mr Amos[17] Hutchin Burlington to be sent to James Allen Allentown Monmouth County New Jersey









Recd of Elizabeth Carson the sum of seven pounds ten shilling in part of one quarters rent due this day 28  1799

                               […..   …...][19]



               December the 10th 1799

Recd of Elizabeth Carson the sum of four pounds thirteen shillings and 9 pence in full for one quarters rent due the 28 of August  

                               […..  ……][20]





Recd of Elizabeth Carson the sum of thirty two dollars and half in full for one quarters rent due the 28 of Nov 99

                          […..  …..][21]


25 Feb 1800

   Recd of Elizabeth Carson nine dollars


Received of Elizabeth Carson half the sum of twenty three dollars and which with the above nine is in full for one quarters rent due the 28 February 1800

May 8th 1800

                         Ann Jenss[22]







Recd Nov 30th  1822 of Mr Thomas Lloyd three dollars on account

                                                    […..  …..][24]





Received Phila Oct 15th 17…[25] of Mr Thomas Lloyd Four Pounds four Shillings & 4 p. which with five shillings & 7 p. allowed for Mending Windows is in full for Rent of the House he lives in to the 14th August last


  £    5..7½


_____________                                                     Henry Pratt






Turners cerate is Prepared by dissolving ½ half pound of yellow wax in a pint of oil over a slow fire as the mixture cools ½ a pound of calamine prepared must be sprinkled into it keep stirring until it is cold

               mixed with Basilicum

               Proper dressing for burns




                 The ointment called yellow


Olive oil 1 pint yellow wax yellow resin and Burgandy Pitch of each one Pound common turpentine, 3 ounces add the latter after the other things are melted over a slow fire

Strain them while hot





the wax plaister

1 Pound of yellow wax of white resin and mutton Suet each ½ a Pound Melt them over a slow fire

This is […][26] Proper application for sleight wounds









April 9th 1790   Recd of Thomas Lloyd On account two pounds fifteen shillings 1p.


1.17.4                                   For John Frost

   14.9                                          James […][29]


 April 28th Recd of T. Lloyd on account two dollars and [.. ..][30] before recd for Alexander Anderson

£1..12..0                                    Abraham […..][31]








Received of Robert Carson

23 of July 1789—20 dollars for Londen an Amount of M Londens bill

                                                       Eliza M Murray

20 dollars


July 20th 1826

   Recd of E.M. Lloyd the sum of four doll.s which with 10 at one payment and 2 at sundry times makes sixteen and is in full of all demands

                                                Elizabeth Crawley


August 4th 1826  recd of Eliza.h Lloyd the sum of fifty cents for Wm Miller

                                                      Wm Hadder





Received Philada July 22.d 1789 of Mr Thos Lloyd four pounds 10 […][33]of Rent for Henry Pratt

£ 4:10—

                                                 [..][34]    M Taylor






full for R. Carsons

Schooling up to this Day 13th of May 1789.





Received 5 month 7:1788 of Thomas Lloyd the Sum of Seven Shilling and 1Pd[36] in full





Recd November 8th 1787 of Mr Thomas Lloyd Eleven Shilling Two Pence for the following Tax assd on himself […][38] Mulberry for 1787

0  3  2    first & second of yearly fund

0  3  0    Street & paving Tax

0  2  0    Lamp and Watch Tax

0  3  0    Poor Tax

0 11 2                                       Thos Fisher



Recd December [….87][40]  of Mr Thomas Lloyd in Full of all Demand.









                                               Cost                     Sell

Nanquin                                   11/-                    12/6

Black Silk handker.                    5/6                     6/6

                  Coloured […][42]                         3/9                     4/6

Sagathy                                      6/6                     6/6

Cheeks                                     16½                1/10½

Willinot lawn[43]                            3/5                      4/6

Sleeve buttons                             3/4                     6

                                        3rd  Class


                                                     Mr Miller

                                                     Mr Sandell

                                                     Mr Lloyd                                                   

                                                     Mr Williams








Apr 7th 1785    Recd of T Lloyd two shillings & six in poor tax for the current year

             2/6                                                 […..][45]


April 1786   Recd of Lloyd two [….][46] and six pence poor tax for the currant year


October the 9 1786  Received of Mary Lloyd the sum of 5 dollars in full




[p. 33]


Received Philadelphia January 1783 of Thomas Lloyd sum of nineteen shillings

and six pence in full of all accounts to this day for Charles Drum.  Recd 29th March

1785 of Thomas Lloyd the sum of 7/6 in full for land tax for the year 1787

                                                        Nicholas Robbel






December the 20th 1784

Received of Mary Lloyd the sum of one pound seven shillings








                                        Eye Water


Take [….][51] of Cloves Pound them in a mortar then take an equal quantity of White [….][52]Vetriall to a pint of fair water Shake them all together









                                           Venison Sauce


Boil claret grated bread Whole cinnamon ginger mace vinegar and sugar up thick


Sauce for Steaks

Get a glass of ale two anchovies a little thyme Savory parsley an onion and some nutmeg shred all these Together adding a little lemon Peel; when your steaks are Ready pour the  liquor from them then put your ale and the other things into a pan with a piece of buter roll’d in flour and when hot strain them thr’o a sieve over your steaks






                                              Sauce for Ducks

Put a littel gravy in the dish and onion in Cup of  […][56]

                 Sauce for Venison

Take currant jelly warmed or half a pint of red wine with a quarter of a pound of Sugar simmered over a clear fire for five or six minutes or you may take a half a pint of vinegar and a quarter of a pound of sugar simmered until it is a syrup

first course[57]






             Sauce for any kind of roasted meat

Wash an anchovy very clean and put to it a glass of red wine in a littel strong broth or gravy some nutmeg one shallot and juice of a Saville orange;  stew these together a littel and pour it to the gravy that runs from your meat









George Lindberger who departed this life October 30 1836 aged 63 years 9 [..][61] 20 [..][62] his wife Catherine July 30th 1822 aged 46 years 5 mo 28 day


£ 3.10.2[63]


















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[60]   This page is a printed page—perhaps from a book.  Does not need transcription.

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