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Paris, July 14, Bastille Day, 18th Birthday                                   Geographic center of Europe, Warsaw Poland  July 1986

                     hockey1.jpg (80785 bytes)               letter.jpg (142748 bytes)

Greensburg-Salem Hockey, High School Senior Year                                                      Varsity Letter

                judging.jpg (117066 bytes)                                                   kefice.jpg (80528 bytes)   

My first Rare Book Exhibition, June-August 1994, Carnegie Mellon University, Hunt Library, Fine and Rare Book Room                          Keflavik, Iceland,  1986


len3.jpg (78638 bytes)                        dinnerinodessa.jpg (116832 bytes)

  Lenin Statue, Moscow, 1986                                                                     Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs:  Dinner in Odessa, U.S.S.R,  1986


blacksea.jpg (93494 bytes)           transv.jpg (256634 bytes)

               Black Sea Fleet, Odessa, U.S.S.R., 1986                                      Transitvisum, DDR  (to cross Communist East Germany to  West Berlin) 1982


dak.jpg (75913 bytes)                    pass.jpg (95609 bytes)

C-47 Skytrain, Airborne School, Ft. Benning Ga.  1988                    Out of Drill-Sergeant-Mode, relaxing on Weekend Pass,  Atlanta, 1989

vegas.jpg (104981 bytes)                                     birthday77.jpg (131146 bytes)

         Las Vegas, Nevada  August 19, 1981                                             Birthday : Greensburg, Pa.  July 14, 1977 (1877?)

                                                                                     July 20 1969-- Man Walked on the Moon

                                                         July 20 1969--day of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing-- Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin


Picture1b 037.jpg (594475 bytes)

Spring Garden

Picture 146.jpg (611208 bytes)

Jean-Luc in Sepia.

jl1.jpg (802245 bytes)

Snowy footprints from JL and MPF out walking on a January 2004 morning. 

jlwalk.jpg (747062 bytes)

johng.jpg (278505 bytes)

My Great Grandfather, John G. Foight, in the Civil War : he was later known in the Pennsylvania Legislature as the "Father of Good Roads" for his work on establishing the modern PA Turnpike.


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