Artistic Images of the Life of St. Augustine

Click for a tour of the famous frescos of the life of St. Augustine, painted by Benezo Gozzoli, in the Church of St. Augustine in San Gimignano, Italy,  The images are accompanied by a brief narration of St. Augustine's life and an explanation of some of the scenes depicted. 
Click for a tour and explanations of the beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes in the life of St. Augustine in the St. Thomas of Villanova Church on the campus of Villanova University. The images in this website show only the center panels of the windows with the scenes themselves, but each window also has beautiful side panels with other religious imagery.  A more detailed tour of all of the art in the church is also available from Villanova University. Please send suggestions or corrections to  John Immerwahr, Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University.

Update: July 7, 2008

Individual scenes from the Church of St. Augustine in San Gimignano, Italy.

School College Mother of Tears Rome The Teacher To Milan Arrival in Milan
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Individual scenes from St. Thomas of Villanova Church in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Conversion Baptism Vision Giving the Rule Writing Confessions Pelagianism Sea Shell  Death

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